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Pictures of Varicose Veins

If you suffer from varicose veins it is easy to see in pictures of varicose veins the devastating effect they can have on the appearance of the legs. Before the formation of varicose veins the skin look smooth and even. After the development of varicose veins the skin appears rough and ugly with unsightly veins protruding from the skin. For women this can be devastating because of the way it makes them look. Most women are proud of their legs and like to show a portion of their legs when wearing skirts, dresses, short pants, or shorts.

Pictures of spider veins are not as ugly as those of varicose veins but they still can be disturbing to those people who suffer from them. The veins form a mesh that resembles a spider web, thus the name of spider veins. They are usually very blue or purple in color and can often cover a large area. Most women who have these spider veins or varicose veins will go to any lengths to cover them up or get rid of them entirely.

Many people who suffer from varicose veins will opt to have laser therapy to get rid of the unsightly bulging veins. Many doctors have taken varicose vein removal pictures to show the before and after results. The pictures before the laser treatment show legs that are swollen and ugly. Veins stand out in stark contrast to healthy skin and tissue. After one laser therapy treatment there is a marked difference in the appearance of the legs. After one month you can hardly tell that anything was ever wrong. The legs have once again returned to smooth skin and the tell tale signs of the once bulging veins are completely gone from sight.

The same goes for legs that have spider veins. After laser therapy there is a remarkable difference in the look of the skin. The color of the veins has begun to fade and the veins are not as visible as they once were. After a month you will not be able to see any signs of the former spider webbing at all.

Sclerotherapy also produces a remarkable result in the pictures of varicose veins. After the veins are injected with a chemical solution they will dry up as a result of the damage caused by the chemical injection. The end result is skin that is smooth and supple and the large bulging veins are gone from sight. Sclerotherapy may take a few weeks to fully complete the process but the result is well worth the wait. Some people are concerned about the blood flow if the vein dies but the body has a natural way of rerouting the flow of blood to other veins.

Endovenous ablation is another method of ridding yourself of those unsightly veins. With this type of procedure the pictures before the procedure will show the ugly veins protruding through the skin but within a few days after the procedure you will find that all sign of the former ugly veins are gone. There may be a small amount of bruising at the injection site but this will not last over a few days. The end result will be a picture of healthy looking legs and smooth skin.