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Varicose Veins on the Face

Best Treatments For Facial Varicose Veins

A lot of people think that you can only get varicose veins on your legs. However, that is not true, you can get varicose veins all over your body. Most people do not care where they get these veins, as long as they are covered. That is why facial varicose veins are so hard to deal with. These veins are right out there where everyone can see them. There is no way to hide them, and unlike spider veins, you can not just cover them up. That is because varicose veins actually stick out from the body. Today we are going to talk about where facial varicose veins can show up (on the face), as well as some treatment options you may want to look into to get rid of your facial varicose veins.

First of all, these facial varicose veins can appear all over the face. This includes places like the forehead, cheeks, eyelids, nose and chin. However, they can also be found just off of the face as well. This includes places like the upper chest and neck. Most of the time, these kinds of veins are easiest to see in women after the fourth or fifth decade that they have been alive. This happens because, as blood veins grow old, they lose the elastic fibers in their walls. Thus, the face is not able to pump out blood like it use to, and pools of blood fill up in your face. There are a few other things that can make these kinds of veins come out more. Such things like normal aging, too much sun exposure, steroid use, genetics and, of course, any other trauma to the face. Usually on the face, these varicose veins appear as small as the top of a pencil, however, some of them can be as big as a pencil eraser, which is a lot more visible. Once again, these kinds of veins do not offer any health risks, but they are a cosmetic issue with most people.

If you want to avoid getting facial varicose veins, then you are going to want to avoid sun damage. This can be done by simply applying sun block if you are going to be out in the sun. However, do keep in mind that even doing this may not be enough. Sometimes you can not stop varicose facial veins from forming. The good news is that there is treatment that you can have done that can help you get rid of the varicose facial veins once and for all!

One way to do it, is by Electrosurgery. This is done by electric currents that are moved through the face by a hand held needle. As you may have guessed, when electric current is applied to a blood vein, it destroys it on impact. The only problem with this method is that it is actually pretty painful. Most people tend to put up with the short lived pain, because this is one of the quicks methods to get rid of your varicose veins. Sometimes tiny scabs will form on the face, but these heal pretty quickly and usually without scarring. You can also choose to do laser surgery. However, just like the Electrosurgery, side effects can include pain. Also, since it works slower than the Electrosurgery, it is not a very common choice.