Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of Solar Panels

Solar panel maintenance is a very necessary step in ensuring the you get to use it for a long time in its full potential and efficiency because having a solar panel is a big investment.

Here are few tips in cleaning the solar power and maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

  • Keep your solar panel out of shade because this will prevent your solar panel to work efficiently when they are not able to absorb any sunlight.
  • Keep an eye on your solar panels and ensure that the inverters flash green light. If the green lights are not flashing, you are likely losing money because it might not compensate in your electricity use.
  • Documenting the performance of your solar panel every day to improve the solar panel maintenance. It is crucial to take note how much energy the panel has been produce at consistent time and also take note of cloudy days. Proper monitoring is essential to your solar panel.
  • Monitoring system could help you see how much you benefit the environment. They could also help you know how much you can benefit from feed-in tariff scheme. You can also see some information about solar panel servicing in the wall-mounted display when you are at your home.
  • If you are so busy and don’t have time to clean your panels, you could install automated cleaners or you could schedule a solar power Austin to do the maintenance of your panels.
  • Solar panels have no moving parts that could cause to rust and break down, this makes the maintenance very easy.

Tips in cleaning the solar panels

Solar panel kit for cleaning is very handy for the cleaning of your solar panels. The kit includes a biodegradable soap, a wiper, a brush with a long handle and a manual on how to properly clean your solar panels. You should mix the soap and water in a bucket and just dip the brush in the bucket and wipe gently the solar panels or you can also use clean water with a soft brush in removing any grimes and dirt on your solar panels.

Clean solar panels when it is still moist or wet for easy removal of dirt.

Don’t use abrasive sponge to avoid scratching your solar panels. It is best to use biodegradable soap and a soft cloth.

Don’t ever use harsh chemicals in cleaning your solar panels because it might cause damage and will result you a costly repair.

Daily cleaning is never a bad idea. Just a hose and running water could remove dirt in your panels.

Just a safety tip, if you are cleaning from the ground or standing on the ground, you must use handled wiper. If you are cleaning from the roof, take proper precaution. Roofs are slippery so better use safety equipment like ropes or harness for your support.

Always watch for dirt build up in your panels so that your panel could be able to absorb the sunlight much better.

Cleaning the panels depends on the type of solar panels you have, be sure to ask your manufacturer about it.